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April 25, 2008



How kind of you to cover this--and I do love the name of your blog! The thing is, the words I wrote, are just a simple truth. I just kept saying them so much that I finally decided to write them down ;-).

Everyone keeps trying to manufacture WOM--but one cannot do that. They can only create an exemplary product, service, idea or experience that is buzz worthy.

We trust authentic opinions, recommendations and experiences. Be it for a local drycleaner who takes extra care with our clothes, a terrific book that has opened new views or viewpoints, or a great consultant who went over and above to not only meet goals--but inspire us in the process.

Oh, and 100% of my biz comes from WOM (I don't cold call or advertise). I follow my own recipe: create value and pull business based on that...and create meaningful relationships that are happy to recommend business one's way.

Like I said, a very simple truth. (Which many times happen to be startling revelations.)

Thank you again. I'm so glad it brought you value.

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